Emotional Support Person

Have you heard of an Emotional Support Animal? They’re usually dogs or cats but birds, rabbits, fish, and even snakes are recognized for the way they can help us handle difficult emotions.

Have you ever heard of an Emotional Support Person? It’s kind of the same thing but ESPs can talk. 😸

We’re not therapists, or licensed, or unionized, or covered by insurance. We ARE positive, respectful, informed, flexible, and fun. In addition, we’re 100% platonic and we take the subject of consent seriously.

Do you feel disconnected or alone? Are you looking for someone to talk to? We have no agenda beyond reminding you that you have the right answers for you. No matter what you may be dealing with, our focus is on reminding you how lovable and powerful you already are, no “healing” needed.

Please complete our Google form by clicking here to apply for one of our free 30 minute ESP sessions.

Private sessions after the first half-hour meeting are scheduled by the hour at $75/hr. or by the week, month, season, or year, depending on your needs.
Group sessions and sliding scales may be available, please ask.