Emotional Support People

Lansing, Michigan – Kya Rose

Kya Rose

Kya says her life is about people, God, healing, and watermelon…
but not necessarily in that order.

Ordained in 2002, Kya has been following her heart ever since. A young wife and homeschooling mom, Kya was a Reiki Master Teacher and eager student of midwifery in 2005 when she suddenly became an unemployed single mother of three. With some creative thinking and a lot of luck, she took a full-time job, launched a successful career as a wedding officiant. With the help of her family, she even managed to buy a house for herself and her children in Lansing, MI.

In 2015, Kya went through the unimaginable when her oldest child and only daughter died of suicide at age 23. Devastated, she began to write, and study, and search for better ways to grieve, process emotions, recover from trauma, and generally help people avoid choosing suicide. Kya trained as a life coach, completed the Landmark forum, and has helped countless people reach their goals and feel better.

Through Our Temple of Sacred Love, Kya has been recognized as an Emotional Support Person. She’s dedicated to helping others remember their divine nature so we can become the healthy, strong and free people we were designed to be.

We all have the potential to connect to our innate healing energies. Getting oneself from here, where they are at, to that healthy future is Kya’s passion.

That and watermelon.

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