The Cost Question: How Much Value Do We Get For The Price?

Believe me, I understand. You’re on a tight budget but you want the best wedding you can afford. It’s true for couples on shoestring budgets and for couples planning a wedding in the six-figure range. Price is always important, period. That said, let’s consider the difference between Price (what something costs, in dollars and cents) and Value (what… Continue reading The Cost Question: How Much Value Do We Get For The Price?

Respecting Robin

I know, I know. Everyone and their brother are churning out blog posts in the wake of the news about Robin Williams. Do we really need another one? No, probably not, but here goes anyway. You see, I wouldn’t bother if someone, anyone was saying what I want to say. I’ve waited several days and… Continue reading Respecting Robin

Movin’ on up!!

As some of you may have noticed, our website has changed! I have been working on this new design for several months now at another URL and just migrated over here as of about 20 minutes ago. I hope that by doing it in the middle of a Thursday night I disrupted as few visitors… Continue reading Movin’ on up!!