Our Temple of Sacred Love

A what? A Temple? Why?

A temple is defined as a “place dedicated to the service or worship of a deity or deities”. Our temple is not currently a place, it’s still merely a ministry, but it is dedicated to the worship of the divine within ourselves and each other. Right now we’re people with a vision for a new approach to fellowship but we don’t have a physical location. Yet.

What is Sacred Love?

Love is a word with thousands of definitions and meanings. Sacred Love is not an emotion, but an activity that engages and uplifts those participating in ways that honor and support our sense of innate divinity. We use physical, platonic touch as a way to connect with each other. We practice absolute honesty with ourselves and each other and we offer kindness and grace when we fail to be as honest as we could be.

Walking the path of Sacred Love is personal, we are encouraged to hold ourselves in the highest possible regard. We consider our own feelings and needs to be of paramount importance in our lives. One cannot pour from an empty cup, nor can we give to each other what we neglect to give ourselves. Many spiritual paths teach us to sacrifice and humble ourselves, Sacred Love puts us first. This is often a challenge, especially for those of us who were raised female and told, either explicitly or implicitly, that our value comes from our service to the men, elders, and/or children in our lives. The Disney endorsed world view that we grew up with promised that if we took care of others, others would take care of us. In the real world, that bargain requires us to either clearly communicate our every need to somebody else, or for others to read our minds. Neither of these scenarios is rational. It makes far more sense for each person to tend to their own needs first, before offering their gifts to others.

Sacred Love is intimate. When two people agree to put themselves first in a relationship they create a space where they can be authentic about their needs because there’s no expectation placed on the other to satisfy them. We come together in joy and partnership and, should our joy fade, we part in the knowledge that we are respecting ourselves and each other to the very best of our abilities. It isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it.

A community rooted in Sacred Love is dynamic and responds to the current, active needs of the group. No longer are traditions and bylaws passed down from generation to generation as if they were treasures to inherit. Instead, the active participants guide the ongoing processes of creation, expansion, and outreach according to their interests and ever-evolving goals.

Law of Attraction

That which is like, unto itself is drawn

Abraham Hicks

Our community is based upon the Law of Attraction. This law is frequently misunderstood in a number of ways and requires a great deal of attention and study to grasp the full meaning and scope in our world. It is often paraphrased as “You create your own reality” which, while true in the cosmic sense, doesn’t always translate in the ways people tend to think it does. “Creation” implies a conscious action while most of us are decidedly unconscious about our ability to create. Even those of us who have studied and believe in the law are living in a world where our reality is impacted by generations of unconscious creations.

Ultimately, the LoA centers us in our own experience and removes any and all excuses we may want to use to define ourselves as anything less than the divine creator of our own lives. Not everyone is ready, willing, or able to do this. We accept this with love and grace. However, please know that this law is the foundation of Our Temple of Sacred Love and those who reject it are unlikely to be happy and successful here.

For those who are willing to –

  • See themselves as the divine creators of their own experiences
  • Take their own needs seriously
  • Put themselves first
  • Embrace others as equal co-creators in our collective reality
  • Actively shed old beliefs that no longer serve them

Our Temple of Sacred Love is delighted to welcome and serve you as best we can.

By Kya

Ordained in 2002, Kya has been actively seeking community, wisdom, and joy ever since. A professional Emotional Support Person and Reiki Master Teacher, she is running Transcendental Cuddle Parties online until it's safe for us all to cuddle each other in person again.


  1. The world sorely needs to find ways back to a time when communities were more connected and there was more real community support. To a time people knew each other’s names instead of feeling like a number as we so often do in modern times. I think this is a brave and wonderful dream, from a brave and sincere person. May it be blessed!

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