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Today I woke up unemployed for the first time in 16 years. I’ve been at the same job, doing basically the same thing and it has been time for a change for a while.

I’m stepping into my power, implementing my training, and sharing my gifts. I’m looking for spiritually-minded parents and parents-to-be who want to improve their old childhood programming and shift into new, healthier relationships with themselves, their partners, and their children. Our first conversation is absolutely free, so if you invest an hour and think I’m worthless, you’ve only spent an hour.

But if spending the past 35 years studying, parenting, educating, networking, healing, growing and meditating has taught me nothing of value to new parents, I’ll be very surprised.

My beliefs may challenge you if you feel disconnected from your own divine nature, but if you already know that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, we’re going to get on beautifully!

Our children come to teach us the way. Let’s talk about how to follow them with wisdom and step into our own power along the way.

By Kya

Ordained in 2002, Kya has been actively seeking community, wisdom, and joy ever since. A professional Emotional Support Person and Reiki Master Teacher, she is running Transcendental Cuddle Parties online until it's safe for us all to cuddle each other in person again.

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