We found a new process. We’re trying new things. We’re exploring the zone of the Venn diagram where Psychology meets Spirituality and seeing what kind of insights we can find there. If the experiments go well, we’ll let you know.Peace!

Warning: Cuddlers Gone Rogue

I have a confession to make. I am an unauthorized cuddler. I haven’t trained, I haven’t certified, I haven’t been tested or vetted by any snuggling organizations. I’m just out here, being platonic, asking for consent, and seeing what happens like the heathen I am. I’d like to train. I’d like to know 20 different… Continue reading Warning: Cuddlers Gone Rogue

The cocoon

Our healing journey can be compared to many things. I’ve compared it to the sprouting of a seed before. Lately, I’ve been comparing it to the transformation of a caterpillar. Mostly because my current state of mind can be excused and understood when I define it as a cocoon. After exhausting myself by running around… Continue reading The cocoon

Arte Lessons

Yup, Arte Lessons, with an e. Yes, it’s pretentious but I like the distinction. We’re not talking about crayons and paste here, we’re talking about the fine and subtle art of recognizing and consciously manipulating the various vibrations and energies that surround us. The same energies that we ignore and allow to manipulate us most… Continue reading Arte Lessons


Healing is like an onion(or a parfait) Layers, lots and lots of layersandlayersandprayersandlayersof healing. And you often find that the issue you think you need to address isn’t at a layer you can access yet. You need to find the top layer and address it first. The top layer is often so easy and so… Continue reading Healing