Warning: Cuddlers Gone Rogue

I have a confession to make. I am an unauthorized cuddler. I haven’t trained, I haven’t certified, I haven’t been tested or vetted by any snuggling organizations. I’m just out here, being platonic, asking for consent, and seeing what happens like the heathen I am. I’d like to train. I’d like to know 20 different… Continue reading Warning: Cuddlers Gone Rogue

Our Temple, Your Temple

We are here to share our love for humanity by offering life coaching, bodywork, massage, cuddle therapy, energy medicine, counseling, laughter, insights, and conversations that bring us closer together. Has the current climate of fear and social distancing left you feeling disconnected and alone? Our ministry was developed to reach out to those who may… Continue reading Our Temple, Your Temple

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The cocoon

Our healing journey can be compared to many things. I’ve compared it to the sprouting of a seed before. Lately, I’ve been comparing it to the transformation of a caterpillar. Mostly because my current state of mind can be excused and understood when I define it as a cocoon. After exhausting myself by running around… Continue reading The cocoon