Welcome to the circle.

Our Temple of Sacred Love:

Is dedicated to recognizing, celebrating, and expanding the many varieties of love that human beings can experience.

Encourages us to truly, authentically love ourselves first. Then our world, and all of the people and creatures in it.

Hosts Transcendental Cuddle Parties (currently online) featuring liberating conversation topics along with 100% platonic touch.

Offers the services of Emotional Support People who are unauthorized (yet effective) life coaches, bodyworkers, massage artists, energy workers, active listeners, and more. They will celebrate and inspire you through activities, conversations, exercises, laughter, insights, and uplifting support.

Has the current climate of fear and social distancing left you feeling disconnected and alone? Our ministry was developed to reach out to those who may be feeling isolated and help them reconnect to themselves and their community.

I’m always interested in what is seen as obscene or profane or unfit.”

Jenny Zhang


  1. Thank you for being a light to those who truly have never had a light shown on them. This is what you do best: love unconditionally. Thank you Kya Rose.

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